At Black Angus Fine Meats & Game we feel food matters. Our mission is to make the best products on the market accessible to everybody. We do this by partnering only with companies that share our philosophy of responsibility and sustainability, while ensuring quality. Organic Ocean is no exception to this rule. An independent Canadian fishery, located in British Columbia, Organic Ocean prides themselves on "ocean friendly, sustainable, and responsible harvesting". We are thrilled to offer products from the first seafood supplier in the world to provide DNA certification, authenticating all of their products. 

What does this mean for those who care what they eat and want to ensure the long term health of our environment? YOU can make a difference. Swing by any of our retail locations and pick some up today, and taste the difference that a little care makes.

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Wild hook-and-line Haida Gwaii Chinook Salmon: The largest of the salmon, harvested by hook-and-line, has a high fat content and a well-defined, rich flavoured flesh.
Wild hook-and-line Pacific Ling: Don't judge a book by it's cover; the least attractive fish makes for the best tasting fish in the case of the Ling. Harvested by hook-and-line, the flesh turns to a tender white meat when cooked.
Wild Haidacore (Premium Northern Caught Albacore): Harvested by hook-and-line from healthy, younger class fish populations, Organic Ocean's Haidacore have an especially high oil content and flavourful flesh. Has a delicate, melt in your mouth flavour.
Chatham Sound Wild Sidestripe Shrimp:  Harvested from coastal inlets and fjords, immediately sorted and graded for size, tailed, rinsed and flash frozen which preserves the delicate flavour
Keta Salmon

Halibut season has just begun, stay tuned for availability!