Black Angus Fine Meats & Game


was founded in 2005 by owner-operator Sean Kelly. Black Angus has flourished for over a decade, and we are now a small company made up of devout foodies who are passionate about excellent ingredients. While expanding we have maintained an independently owned company, which means we are able to choose what goes on our shelves. To us, food matters and therefore we pick only the best by partnering with great companies and local suppliers that share our philosophies. We believe in working with responsible producers to promote a legacy of sustainability. Our team at Black Angus go the extra mile to source the best products, and to fill every niche of the game meat market. If you don't find what you are looking for, we do not hesitate to find it for you. 

Muskoka Market

is our newest location; your one stop shop for fine foods. Specializing in quality meats and game, fresh produce, and hard-to-find Canadian made products, our marketplace is a haven for food enthusiasts and daring shoppers/cooks. We have scoured the globe for everything rare and exquisite, and shopped in our own backyard for sustainably sourced products. Check us out to see what we have to offer.